So much to say, so little time…

…the general reason for that is the two smurfs on the picture. My little girls are very easy going and generally stick to their napping schedule which is anywhere between 0,5 – 1,5 hours of time, twice a day, which gives me some time to get something done. I do consider myself lucky though as some parents get no time off until past bedtime. Still, when you have thousands of ideas swarming your mind and the have-to’s are piling up, 1 hour goes by sooo fast.

We all have this; the dish washer needs to be emptied, the never ending laundry pile needs to be folded and put away, another laundry needs to be put on, the trash can is full and items are scattered over the place. This hour, along with the hours between the girls bedtime and my own, is when I also get to squeeze in some time for one of my small projects. That being aquarium related, redecoration or moving furniture around, but it just takes time. And time is precious. Time goes by faster and faster every year, and specially now when we have kids. Can I just hit ‘Pause’ for awhile? To catch up a bit?

What I will say thought, is that I am a happier person after we got children. Not that I was unhappy, but I do feel like I have a path now, a purpose for myself simply because someone needs me. And that, feels good. I might be on a never ending path of duties and I don’t get the time to do other things as fast as I’d wish I could. However, I’m certain the amount of laughter and smiles have quadrupled in this apartment ever since, and that makes the hurried time race so worth it. Simply because we adapted to the new lifestyle and this is the kind of parents we decided to be. Comfortable. Confident. Happy.



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