My story isn’t a one of a kind I guess, but it’s also not the most common you’ll find out there. The easiest I suppose is to keep this page rather fact based and instead share details in future posts, else this would be very lengthy!

I’m a Norwegian living in The Netherlands. In order to end up here, I first lived in Sweden 7 years and then Poland for 4 years, and without those two stops I would never have been where I am nor live the life I am living today.

Family decisions brought me to Sweden and love and studies brought me to Poland. As time passed it brought me into online gaming and eventually meeting my husband. From there on I stumbled across a  a job which allowed me to take the leap to follow my heart again and move to his home country, The Netherlands at the age of 22.

When I look back today I’m still amazed about how things turned out… How chances arose and by grabbing them, by being brave, I am living my life in a way I never even imagined I could. I had no plan when I got here and by being open to opportunities I still found reasons to stay, more than just the wish of my heart.

Today I am a lucky mom of twin girls and I spend my days with creative projects and activities with my girls.

You might say it’s dumb luck, and maybe it is?

I prefer calling it the Road of Serendipity.